Sunday, September 18, 2011

Let's play ketchup with H.J. Libert!

So needless to say things have been busy the past few days. Thankfully Henry is definitely where he needs to be. As The Wifey and I struggle to figure out exactly what is going on it helps to remind ourselves that as much as we wish where he needs to be was here with us we know that he is exactly where he needs to be to get healthy and strong. So this post will be mostly pictures because I know that's what you really want! I'll post them in chronological order and try to give some meaning to them and what we were going through as each day arrived.

So, on Wednesday I went and picked The Wifey up from the hospital and we went straight to the NICU where Henry was. And this is what we saw...

The Wifey was amazed to see that he slept just like me!

Thankfully, we were each able to hold the little guy! This made the scariness a little less scary.

He has "Special Hands" just like his cousin :)

We learned that he probably had pneumonia and they would continue to monitor him and we would just have to wait and see how things played out...

On Thursday we went back to the NICU, at times I was still trying to wrap my head around the fact that my son was in the ICU and I had to go visit him at the hospital. This was no where near anything we had planned or prepared for.

The little guy was still in his incubator and was beginning to breath a litte bit better. He now had a feeding tube and they were beginning to feed some formula to him and were also able to feed him some of what The Wifey had pumped. This was very encouraging. We were also able to hold him again all wrapped up like a Baby Burrito...

This is my absolute favorite picture so far!

Before we left we put the little guy back in his bed and told him we loved him and we would be back tomorrow...

On Friday we went back to the hospital and The Wifey's mom and brother came to visit as well. My brother-in-law flew in from out of state to visit the guy and it was actually only the second time we had gotten to really hang out with each other. Henry was great with both grandma and uncle!

I got to hold him again and it was truly a wonderful thing. As soon as he got in my arms he quited down almost immediately fell asleep. I felt like a champ!

The Wifey got to hold him again and even got to feed him! This was really unexpected and made the both of us incredibly happy and encouraged. Maybe the little guy would be able to come home sooner than we thought...

Later that night my mom, aka Gramzy, got to visit him as well. She didn't get to hold but she was their when he got cleaned up a little and weighed for the day. Henry lost 2 oz since he was born, but that is perfectly normaly for any newborn. We'll see you tomorrow Henry!

When we visited our little boy on Saturday I forgot to bring in my camera. Gramzy took some photos but I still have to get them off of her. We found out that they were hoping to put him in a "room air crib" if he kept improving like they thought he was. We would also find out on Sunday the results of his most recent Xray and whether or not the antibiotics were having the desired effect.

On Sunday The Wifey and I showed up decked out in our Steelers gear hoping that Henry would help cheer them on to a win. If you watched the game, you know our little man did his part! But even more exciting than that was seeing him in a different setting...

Our little Steelers Fan was in an open air crib and that was more exciting than any Steeler's game no matter how good! The Wifey was able to feed him again, and boy does he have an appetite. We also learned today that he is definitely improving! But, he definitely has pneumonia and will need at least another 5 days of antibiotics :-/ Not exactly the news we were looking for, but it helps to know that things are working out and there is a move home date in sight! I got to feed him today for the first time and he is still alive! Mission accomplished :) I'll hopefully have some pictures of me feeding him to post tomorrow but I hope for now you have gotten your fix of little Henry.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!

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  1. What a cutie! When I look at one picture, I think "oh boy, he looks just like Ben!" Then in the next picture it changes to "nah, definitely looks like Sarah!" I guess he must just be a little bit of both! I'm so glad to hear he's doing well - he'll be home before you know it!