Saturday, October 1, 2011

What a week...

It's hard to believe that Henry has been home with us for a week now. After finding out that he was going to be in the NICU for 10 days I remember talking to The Wifey about how we were going to last that long and here we are a full week of us being a family together. This past week has been a busy one but it has been made easier by people from church delivering us dinner every night. Thankfully, we have been able to get out of the house this week and Henry got to go to his first Chinese Buffet!

I finally got to wear the hat that mommy made me!
Today was a pretty crazy day. We had decided to go to the Hickory Apple Festival with my brother, but once we got to the other side of Pittsburgh it had started to rain. So instead we decided to use the time to visit family, including pets!

Doo is our 140 lb great dane and he is a gentle giant!

After Henry passed the Doo inspection my brother was able to hold him for the first time. He certainly looks like a happy uncle!

The Wifey informed me that Henry's outfit cost a total of about $7 because she got the pants from her mom for $1 the socks from my sister for free and the rest from Old Navy for about $6 (including the sweet zip up hoodie). That's pretty awesome considering the hoodie alone is on sale at Old Navy again this season for about $15. After visiting with his uncle little Henry was off to visit The Wifey's aunt and uncle and their daughter along with her 2 little boys. Afterwards we went to visit Henry's grandma!

The dog in the picture is named Lula and she is a rather skittish Chihuaha, however she took to Henry right away. It was neat to see Henry next to a dog whose head was the same size as him and then a dog who was about the exact same size!

After we got home The Wifey and I got to rest for a bit while Henry slept in his car seat. It was glorious! We were eagerly awaiting for the delivery of our dinner for the night. A few days before I had asked The Wifey if it would be rude to ask someone to just bring us a pizza instead of a home cooked meal and wouldn't you know it, the next day I got an email from someone signed up to bring us dinner asking if we would just like them to bring us a pizza! After our delicious pizza dinner (and cake!) we decided it was time to give Henry his first full on wipe down bath type deal. He did ummm ok :)

What are you doing to me??

Anything but the comb, anything!!

Ok well maybe I do look good...

And so to recap the past week...We are all still alive! Henry is sleeping at least one 4 hour period per night. He is a cutie! Most importantly, he only cries when there is a reason and once we figure out what it is he is perfectly calm and relaxed. This has been a crazy week but an amazing one too!

Also, for those who are interested this is what our kitchen currently looks like...

For any of those out there thinking to yourself, "Hey, that looks exactly ike it did before he took the doors and pulls off." You would be correct. Tomorrow my mom and dad will be coming over to begin work on the kitchen and they requested that I put everything back the way it was so that we can donate the cabinets to an organization like Construction Junction. This way we will be able to take them off the wall, put them in the truck, and take them away, without having to worry about any missing pieces.

And I thought this past week was crazy...

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  1. Glad to hear that everyone is adjusting well! Hmm... still can't figure out which one of you Henry looks like...