Friday, October 21, 2011

A lifetime ago...

Well to be honest I guess it's more like half of a lifetime ago that I last posted something on here and so I apologize for any who are going through Henry withdrawal. It seems bringing your first child home after spending 10 days in the NICU and then the following week having your kitchen completely remodeled can make your house, and your life in general, an explosion of craziness.

Let me fill you in on how our little guy is doing so far. Henry will be 6 weeks old on Tuesday and had his one month check up 10 days ago and here are his numbers. He weighed in at 9lbs 7oz for a total weight gain from birth of 1lb 8oz putting him somewhere in the 40's% range. He measured at 21.25" for a total increase in length from birth at 2.25" also putting him somewhere in the 40's% range. I was kind of surprised by him not being in a higher percentile cause he seems to have grown so much but The Wifey reminded me that breastfed babies tend to start out a little more slowly than their formula fed counterparts.
Bath time actually goes surprisingly well!
Henry got to visit with our Great Dane Doo and his grandma's Chihuahua Lula. It was neat going from one dog with a head the same size as his entire body to another dog that was about the same size and weight. But both dogs did very well with the little guy.

It was a great visit with both families. My brother also got a chance to hold Henry for the first time.

A lot has happened in the past five and a half weeks and at this point it's almost impossible to remember life before Henry. Although it can be very trying at 3am when he is screaming and crying to keep calm he has a way of putting what is really important in life into perspective. Tomorrow I will put up some pictures from his first day at church and an update on our awesome new kitchen! But for now here's a little something to hold you over...

Sleeping in church already!

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  1. 6 weeks!?! Where does the time go?? I am so excited to see little Henry at Christmas (and that may have been a factor in my airline ticket purchase)!